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Before Sunrise

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Image from our Finally Free weekly Jolt of Joy email. Sign up here.

I’m trying to create spaces for myself where I can practice the art of stillness. It’s this new thing I’m trying….because I feel like it’s something Oprah would do and also because I’ve noticed that I have this tendency to throw myself into my day: having coffee and breakfast in the car and going, going, going until my head hits the pillow at night. I’m learning that I need some time to myself that’s not spent in traffic to or from the office. I need a little calm in my day. I need to be still.  

Lately I’ve found stillness in the mornings; in those moments before the sun comes up, when the house is dark and the only sound you can hear is the sound of the coffee pot brewing.

I put on my favorite pair of slippers, grab a book and make my way downstairs. I pour a cup of coffee, wrap myself into my favorite blanket and I sink into my couch. For an hour and a half the house is mine. I soak in those precious moments of quiet; coffee cup in hand, book in my lap and Gatsby sleeping at my side.  It’s my time to think, to pray, to dream, and to plan; sometimes to make sense of the day ahead or work through something that might be causing me anxiety. I’ve found that creating this moment of stillness before sunrise has changed the way I approach my entire day: I no longer feel rushed to hit the ground running. I allow my mind and body to wake up slowly, rather than force it out of bed and into the shower or rush it to the gym before it’s fully ready.

I’m not saying you should wake up at 5:15 every morning to create more stillness in your life because I realize not everyone is as crazy as I am but I do think it’s important to create moments of stillness in our daily routines. Maybe it’s a long walk after work, or a cup of tea at 4 p.m. Maybe it’s finding a quiet place to eat lunch at the office or hiding in the bathroom from your toddler and eating a piece of chocolate. No matter what it looks like to you, find a moment in your day where you can free your mind from its daily clutter and just allow yourself some stillness. I promise just the act of giving yourself a few moments of quiet and calm will do wonders for the rest of your day.

And, of course, it will put you that much closer to becoming Oprah, which we all know is like my #1 goal in life.