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Why I Became a Health Coach by Simi Botic

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A Note from Ashten:

I would be hard-pressed to find a more boss babe than Simi Botic of The Mirco Harvest. This woman radiates confidence, self-love and sheer bad-assery, and I love the way she chooses to love life. I just want to sit on a back porch, drinking coffee with her and talking about everything and anything. I'm so excited to share her words with you today in the hopes that you find encouragement in her journey. Enjoy!

Hi babes & happy FRIDAY!

Big thanks to each of you & the lovely Ashten for letting me hang with you today. I love Just Go Left & can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be!

My name is Simi & I am a holistic health coach living in Columbus, Ohio with the boys (2 pups & a husband). I teach women how to nourish & nurture their bodies + lives, so they can live fully. While my life isn’t “perfect” (DUH, what is?!), I couldn’t love it more. But, if you hit rewind to a few years ago… you would see a life that looked a lot different than the one I am living today.

I was working as a corporate health care attorney, running on the hamster wheel known as the “I’m doing what I think I should be doing so why doesn’t this feel right?” wheel. My job wasn’t the only thing that didn’t feel “right” either. I was stuck in a cycle of dieting & restricting to try to fix my body (which I believed at the time would fix my life & FINALLY allow me to feel happy/content/right) & inevitably caving in to binges of all the things dipped into peanut butter. I was crying, a lot. This cycle of doing what I thought I “should” do, people pleasing, & then punishing my body for not being perfect enough dated back to the dinosaurs (or, more accurately, the late years of Felicity). It was what I did best. If I am being totally honest, I found a lot of comfort in the whole mess & truly believed that eventually, with the right “formula” or plan, I would finally be fixed.

Until, I went on my honeymoon. Tim & I cancelled our trip to Belize at the very last minute because of weather (bless you, trip insurance) & re-routed for a fall getaway in Quebec City. It was seriously perfect. We stayed in this gorgeous chateau, we listened to live jazz music on the street, we strolled under the changing leaves, & we enjoyed incredible French food & wine.

Well, Tim enjoyed the French food & wine. I freaked the F out.

I can’t even remember the rules I was following at the time, but I can promise you that fried potatoes & booze did not fit the bill. So, after many attempts at ordering perfectly off each menu, something creamy passed my lips & all hell broke lose. I ate some of Tim’s fries, I drank some wine, & I “failed.” We went back to the hotel that night & instead of looking super hot in some of my lingerie, I locked myself in the bathroom sobbing hysterically. I hated everything about my body. I called myself disgusting. I couldn’t believe how little willpower I had. I would never be fixed, I declared.

& that was my rock bottom.

I went home & googled like a mad woman to find someone who could help me. I connected with a health coach & started working with her IMMEDIATELY. I had no clue what “health coach” even meant at the time, but I knew I had to try something different or I would spend my life miserable.

Spoiler alert: it actually worked!

I have been to hell & back with body & food issues… so, if you’re there right now, I know what it is like! I also know what it takes to heal, grow, & move forward. For years I tried to “fix” myself by looking for external solutions when what I truly needed was to connect with myself using my internal power. When I finally stopped listening to all of the external voices about what I should do, who I should be, & how I should eat, I discovered freedom, health, & happiness beyond my wildest dreams.

This is why I became a health coach!

My greatest challenge has now become my greatest blessing, as I get to guide women back to their true selves with the work that transformed my life.


Simi Botic is a corporate attorney turned holistic health coach, creator of The Micro Harvest, barre instructor, & co-founder of Finally Free Program. Simi helps women learn to nourish & nurture their bodies + lives, so they can live FULLY! She loves 90s TV, beach vacations, iced coffee, & morning time. Simi has been featured by FabFitFun, The Wellness Wonderland Podcast, Good Day Columbus, Benshen, & more. Sign up here for her totally free 3-part video series, Breaking Up With Binges, & get instant access to the steps that helped Simi & hundreds of her clients heal their relationships with food. 


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