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What You Make It

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On paper, our trip home for the holidays seemed like a logistical nightmare:

Atlanta ---> Orange County. (4.5 hour flight)

Orange County ---->Agoura Hills (1.5 hour drive)

Agoura Hills ----> Lake Tahoe (roughly a 7 hour drive)

Lake Tahoe ----->Agoura Hills (roughly 7 hour drive)

Agoura Hills -----> Orange County (1.5 hour drive)

Orange County -----> Atlanta (4.5 hour flight, which was 3.5 hours delayed, resulting in us getting home at midnight)

Are you exhausted? Many of our friends were too and they kept asking us why we imposed such holiday torture on ourselves.To be honest, I don't think Kyle and I realized what kind of chaos we had gotten ourselves into until we got in our rental car and merged on to the 405 filled with fellow holiday travelers...and remembered the 405 is hell's waiting room. 

I mean, our schedule was a tad bit crazy right? We did so much driving during our eight days in California that our rental car started to feel a little bit like home after awhile. 

But, strangely, it's exactly what my soul needed.

Though there were long stretches of travel, crazy LA traffic and one snow storm that almost rearranged our travel plans completely, I felt happier than I had in months. There was such comfort in that chaos; such a peaceful familiarity in its hustle and bustle. Every part of the journey was filled with family and their never-ending pots of coffee, dogs chasing giant snowballs, copper mugs filled with Moscow Mules and friends with new babies to snuggle. Despite the annoying jet-lag I felt energized, I was reinvigorated....and I was full of breakfast burritos/In N Out on a regular basis. It was glorious.

This year, I learned the holidays are what you make them. There will always be that nagging rush from Thanksgiving to New Years where parties, presents and parents make enjoyment that much harder but I have learned that when you embrace the chaos, put on a good podcast and just enjoy the ride happiness seems to show up at every turn. There's also pizza.

I'm back in Atlanta now, and slowly getting back in the groove of everyday life which is not as fun as drinking cocktails at 2 p.m because vacation. I packed my gym bag last night and had one of those deflating "here we go again" moments I'm sure we all had last night when we realized our bills won't pay themselves. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe this week will be hard, maybe there won't be cocktails at 2 p.m. but let's try to make the best of it.....life isn't the logistical nightmare it often seems to be.

And we'll take solace in the fact that we'll always have pizza in case it all goes to shit. 

 I'm glad to be back with you this week, this month, this year. I have big plans for Just Go Left in 2016 and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you and becoming even better friends. 

Let's do this. After coffee.