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What Happens When a Ginger Sends You Pizza


In honor of Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to share the story of how Kyle and I met, and how we started dating . I don't know about you, but I love hearing stories about how couples met: it always fascinates me how people always find each other at the right time. 

Okay you saps, here's our story:

I'm going to come right out and say it: I didn't want to give Kyle my number.

It's not that I had sworn off dating to work on me or anything: Kyle was in California, I was in Georgia and had just ended a little long distance fling that convinced me I was geographically undesirable. So, you can imagine what my reaction was when my dear friend Katie (who has written for the blog here) came to me and said, "my brother and I have been talking about you and we want to set you up with one of his best friends, Kyle. He knows you live in Atlanta, and he says that's not an issue for him. He's seen your picture and wants your number."

I said something to the effect of "thanks but no thanks."

And really, it's because I thought "what would this guy, who seems perfectly nice and capable of meeting someone in his zip code going to want with a girl in Atlanta?"

Of course after I kindly say "no that's okay" Katie breaks the news that she's buried the lead: Kyle already has my number and is planning to call me. 

And he did call...or texted actually....three days later. Like a typical dude.

Our first few conversations were short and surface, though he did score some major points when he offered up recommendations on good places to take my best friend for her bachelorette party in Los Angeles. And then, he went to work a music festival for two weeks and I didn't hear from him until Memorial Day weekend, when I was dog sitting and while on the phone with Katie, he called. 

"Katie, that guy Kyle is calling me right now!"


"Ehh, if he leaves a message I'll call him back." (I love to tell Kyle this is because I was trying to play hard to get, but really? I was so freaking nervous.)

And leave a message he did. Our first phone conversation lasted SIX HOURS and when we finally got off the phone (at 1:30 a.m.) I remember feeling like I'd known him for years. And in fact, I should have known him for years because in that phone conversation I found out that not only were two of our best friends brother and sister, but two of our best friends from college got married two years prior and we were both invited to the wedding (he went, I didn't). We had also been invited to a few of the same birthday parties for these mutual friends over the years, even been extras in the same movie, filmed back in 2006 or 2007 (we are in the same scene) but never met. 

The next morning I called Katie to tell her everything and all I said was "honestly Katie, if he never calls me again I'm just happy to know there are still good guys in the world."

Our second phone conversation lasted four hours, and turned into a four hour FaceTime the next night. 

I was smitten. He was turning out to to be everything I didn't know I wanted or needed. 

I should also mention that in addition to dog sitting over that Memorial Day weekend, I was also moving. So technically, my life was spread between three houses: the one I was dog sitting at, the one I was moving in to and the one I was moving out of. I mentioned this to Kyle, and also that we (Tessa, my roommate and best friend and me) were pretty freaking tired. 

And then, I received this:

Unbeknownst to me, Kyle had called Katie to get my new address, strategically found the closest Domino's to our new house and ordered us a pizza to help with our move. He did this from California, even though he had never set a foot in Georgia. His thoughtfulness, combined with what I already knew about him sent me over the edge: I was a goner. 

Our conversations lasted for another two months and finally, in July, I flew to California (for belated 30th birthday celebration) and we met for the first time. Our first date? A friend's wedding. 

I could go on and on about Kyle; about our relationship and how I've grown as a person while we've been dating. I could tell you how he is my favorite person on the planet (sorry LEO), how I think he's the coolest, most loyal and thoughtful man I've ever known. But this is my favorite story: the one about the pizza. Not only does it kill at parties, but it's the perfect insight into who Kyle is, and who we are as a couple. It's the story of how we found each other, 3,000 miles away (roughly) and how everything that's meant to be, will happen right on time. 

Maybe I will write the rest of the story someday, but for now here's what you need to know:

It all started with a pizza.