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What Gatsby has Taught Me About Adventure

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I heard somewhere that a person should possess a sense of adventure; that people should embrace the journey, and take the road less traveled....maybe pinning all the "wanderlust" quotes along the way. 

I used to be all "wanderlusty" and adventurous in my early twenties.....but something about getting older has me questioning the consequences of every adventure, and always trying to book a hotel room in the off-chance we end up broken down on the side of the road with no rations. Sadly, I'm not as spontaneous as I once was. Now, I value a good healthcare plan and some hearty PTO hours, and I consider an adventure a glass of wine and trip to the hot tub on a week night.

Just typing that put me to sleep from boredom. My 20-something self would hate me.

This move across the country has been the ultimate adventure, filled with enough stories to get me through a few dinner parties and family BBQs. It's been incredibly challenging, frustrating and uncomfortable at times. And don't even get me started on the weight I've gained in the last two weeks. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I feel completely out of my element; I would equate it to feeling light-headed and dizzy all the time. I definitely haven't been my best self as we've adjusted to living here; even though I'm incredibly happy to be home, I am reeling from all the adventure.

And you know who has handled it all flawlessly?



Gatsby has embraced this adventure with a style and grace that would make Taylor Swift jealous. He's been in so many new situations, met so many new people and been uprooted from the routine that has made him most comfortable and he's been a true champion. Kyle and I often admire how he's handled it all: how he can be completely out of his element and thrive. 

Is it weird if he's kind of my hero right now? Maybe don't answer that.

As we settle in to our new life, Gatsby is teaching me how to be more adventurous. He's showing me how to find the good in change and uncertainty and get a little more "wanderlusty". He's teaching me how to look at life not as hours to be tracked on a time sheet but as adventures to be taken and stories to be written. I appreciate him for that: for showing me how to get the most out of life, no matter what my circumstances might be and to embrace the journey over the destination.

.....and so, in the name of adventure, we took him to the beach.

And now, a Gatsby at the beach extravaganza because let's be honest, that's all that matters really.

If this video doesn't make you happy, I need you to go reevaluate your day.....