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We Are Not Meant to be Perfect

Nicole HagyComment

I’m eating a salad as I’m writing this because I feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, and I’ll tell you why, but I’m human and I still do. Today was not a good day as far as eating goes. It all started with a pumpkin spice bagel for breakfast….

Mistake number one.

When I woke up it was raining. Actually raining! And if you live in California or know about the drought we are having rain is a big deal right now. {Of course rain is always a big deal in California!} I figured I should celebrate by treating myself to a pumpkin spice bagel. Seemed appropriate at the time. Well it was all down hill from there.

I had to run some errands and while I was in line at Target I was feeling hungry. So I grabbed a Snickers. Their commercial says to right??? This is something I NEVER do, but again it sounded good at the time.

Mistake number two.

Finally I came home from the gym and was on the phone with my mom when I walked through the door. I was hungry again. I seem to be hungry a lot lately, could be this baby I’m growing lol. Anyways, I didn’t have a healthy snack prepared. So I looked in the pantry and grabbed the easiest thing I could find… a box of Cheez-Its. And I stood there and kept eating them, and eating them, and eating them as I was on the phone.

Mistake number three.

So here I am, eating a salad, feeling guilty about what ate today. But the thing is I shouldn’t feel guilty. Today was a bad day, so what.

I’m not perfect, and I’m learning that that’s ok. 

I know what I should eat and should do to be prepared, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Instead LIFE happens. This doesn’t mean that I have ruined my life forever and need to give up and eat chocolate all day every day. {Wouldn’t that be nice though!} Tomorrow is a new day. A new chance to make better choices and be more prepared. I can’t dwell on today because if I do then I will continue to make bad choices tomorrow. Misery just brings on more misery and that’s when a downward spiral happens. I have to stop it now, today was a bad day, I admit it, but tomorrow will be better. There is no reason to make excuses for what I did today. I can only learn from my choices and make better ones tomorrow. 


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