Just Go Left

This Month is all about Love Right?


Let's just get this out of the way right now: I did not watch the Super Bowl.

Don't hate me, but I really didn't give a crap about the game this year: I think Cam Newton is a douche and I'm over the Broncos so I took refuge in my room watching 30 Rock instead of partaking in the game/eating festivities. 

I did watch the halftime show, and despite being a big Coldplay fan and also a fan of Beyonce, I have to say: it was crap.

I digress.

'Tis the month of love so I thought I would share a few things stealing my little heart lately. Also because I worked 85 hours again last week and, well I was pretty tired when I crawled into bed at roughly 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evening so my brain was the equivalent of mashed potatoes and this all she wrote. 


What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

.....7 pages in I started crying. That's how good this book is. The way she tells stories; the way she relates little, every day occurrences to bigger life lessons mirrors the way I try to write Just Go Left. Honestly this book is just doing a lot for my heart right now.

I also just ordered this book after hearing the author speak this weekend about social media. Pretty excited to read this. Have you read it?? Let me know what you thought of it!


I was leaving lunch on Sunday and saw this girl taking photos outside the restaurant. After seeing her pose for a few pictures I said "you're a blogger aren't you?" and she was like "yes, I am!" and we became friends. Meet Emily from The Style Hunt. It's always so fun to meet fellow bloggers!

Attention moms: my friend Tanisha of Local Love 805 wrote this incredible series about what she's learned as a new mom. Here's Part I. Here's Part II. It's pretty awesome, and that's coming from a girl who doesn't even have kids.

My friend Jen's blog The Happy, Healthy Balance. She writes exactly how she is: sweet and genuine. Add her to your blogroll right meow.


Can we please talk about Serial because this season is so complicated and intense and I NEED TO KNOW MORE. This "let's release a new episode every 2 weeks" bullshit is NOT FREAKING COOL EITHER SARAH.

I just started listening to the Wellness Wonderland podcast and I kinda want to be best friends with Katie Dalebout. Homegirl is one boss bitch.


These breakfast muffins. I swear I make them every week and they save my mornings. Especially during weeks when I have to work long hours.

Simi gave me the best green smoothie recipe EVER. I'm talking EVER. I make it every single day. I'm trying to get her on Just Go Left to share it because it's really freaking delicious.


Kyle and I just bought a coffee grinder. This coffee grinder to be exact. And now we are officially adults.

We also bought a wax melt warmer and I'm now saving like $20 a month by not buying Glade Plug-Ins. Everyone wins.

Hot lemon water in the mornings. I realize we are going against everything I believe in (coffee) but it's given me energy and I love it. Here are some benefits in case you need convincing. 


What are you loving lately? Let's talk about those things, especially if they include things that make under-eye bags go away because I have major luggage going on right now. It's bad.