Just Go Left

Things I Know for Sure


When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. (A lesson from Maya Angelou, one of my heroes)

I've thought I could change someone many times. The guy who told me he "wasn't ready for a relationship" could be changed once he got to know me. That the friend who said "I'm just not good at the phone" could stay in touch with me if I only called once a week, not three times. When people shed light on who they are, take them at their word. Accept them for who they are and if you need to? Move forward without them.


Why? Because it means you can take care of and love something other than yourself. It means you can nurture, appreciate and create a home for another living being. Those, my friends, are attractive qualities to have.

Being vulnerable with your pain makes you authentic, real and relatable. 

I've tried to bury pain under baked goods, under layers of control issues, under a few too many cocktails and a dozen other things I probably don't even realize. I've learned that the only way to truly DEAL with my pain is to be vulnerable, to open up and to answer honestly when someone asks how I'm doing. Everyone deals with pain, everyone understands grief, everyone knows the struggle of trying to keep it inside. Take the walls down and let people in to that scary part of yourself.

Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes I hate this. I hate it so, so much that it makes me feel like a cliche saying it. But, I've found that for every "no" I've received, there has been a better "yes" down the road. Every decision I've made (good and bad), every twist and turn life has thrown at me, every tragedy I've survived has brought me to the place I'm standing today. When I look back, I see how the events in my life have created the life I'm living today. I am truly shaped by moments.

when in doubt, have another cup of coffee.

Or, as most people call it: "give yourself some grace."

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light." (a lesson from Dumbledore and one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes)

I've learned that the world isn't going to hand us happiness: we have to go in search of it. Happiness can be found anywhere, in anything at any time....you just have to be in the right mindset, and be open to finding it.

The right thing feels right and I never question it.

Every time I've done the right thing I've never worried about making the wrong decision or about that decision biting me in the ass. I know, in my deepest soul that I did the right thing. When I make a decision that isn't right for me, I find myself questioning it, not trusting its outcome and worrying about it all the time. I think through every decision and I know myself, so I know what's right for me.

Leaving people better than you found them might do more for your soul than theirs.

 I've never felt better than when I've been able to see people glow from some sort of happiness I've brought to them. It does wonders for my mood, my spirit and my heart and I don't even think most people realize that after they interact with me.

Quirky = awesome.

Don't let anyone tell you differently. 

and finally....

Choosing joy will give you an entirely new outlook on life.

Choosing joy is like writing a love letter to your best life. When you choose joy the world gets a little less harsh and a little more manageable. The riches that come from choosing joy are more precious than any monetary amount and the possibilities that come from it are infinite. 

What are some things YOU know for sure?