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Thank You.

Choosing JoyAshtenComment

Well, I survived yesterday. (The anniversary of Warner's passing. Henceforth to be known as the Warner-versary.)

I woke up early, poured myself a cup of coffee and sat in our living room for awhile, reminiscing about him: just me, myself and some caffeine. The house was dark and quiet, and I was alone with my memories. I often have trouble putting into words how I feel about Warner's passing (I can't say death because it's too real) so the dark, the quiet, the sitting with my thoughts were exactly what I needed.

Thank you all for reaching out and hugging me though the computer screen yesterday. 

Thank you for texting and remembering him with me.

Thank you for calling to remind me that I'm loved.

Thank you for letting me grieve yesterday and for grieving with me by just listening.


In my post on Wednesday I mentioned that you learn a lot about people when the chips are down, and you're exposed and vulnerable. I plan to write more on this topic because I have learned A LOT about it in the last two years, and because yesterday was a perfect example of it and reaffirmed what I learned as we battled Warner's disease.

But today I just want to say thank you.

And to end this post and this really sad week, I leave you with a quote that brought me comfort when my Grandma passed away in 2011, and brings me comfort as I grieve Warner: