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Soul Mate Work Out

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A quick note from Ashten: This will be Nicole's last post with Just Go Left before her little girl is born! She will be back with her regular Friday posts once she has settled in to motherhood! We are going to miss her on Fridays but are so happy for her and her growing family! Join me as we send Nicole off into motherhood!!

xoxo, A

Soul Mate Workout: a workout that feels like it was meant for you. Sorry, I’m not talking about working out with your soul mate or working out to find your soul mate ;)

So I’m finishing up my last week of teaching before taking my maternity leave!! I can’t believe my little girl is almost here!!

And I’m ok with taking a break from my classes, but there is one class I’m going to miss doing weekly, PiYo.

PiYo is a full-body, strength, balance, flexibility and endurance workout. It blends elements of Pilates and yoga into it’s own unique, insanely amazing workout.  It’s pre-choreographed and set to music, so of course the former dancer in me LOVES that aspect. Plus you sweat, but it’s not hard on your body! I have been doing it throughout my entire pregnancy.

I can’t live without PiYo.

Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. BUT, it connects to my heart, it gets me, and I feel like a better person every time I do it. That’s how I know it’s my soul mate workout.

I believe that there is a workout like that for everyone. The one that you actually get excited about doing instead of dreading going to the gym. It drives you, motivates you, and makes you feel alive. And the beauty in it is that everyone’s soul mate workout is going to be different. You just have to find it. You may be surprised at what that workout is so get out there and try new things! Go take a Spin class, try yoga, or maybe you just need a killer playlist and go for a run. Keep trying until you find that one that you want to go back to. Working out is your “me” time so find what you love and keep doing it.

Just like relationships there are going to be some that kind of work, some you hate, and then that one you can’t live without. Your soul mate.

If you’re interested in trying PiYo you can look for a local live class by clicking here or if there isn’t a class near you then check out the home workouts here.


I’m a wife, soon-to-be mom, group fitness instructor and Independent Beachbody coach living in the sunny beach town of Ventura, California. My passion in life is to help others reach their goals and realize that they deserve to live a healthy and happy life. When I’m not in the gym or working my home coaching business, I enjoy spending time with my husband and friends, going to the beach, reading, attempting DIY projects around the house, looking up new recipes on Pinterest (and possibly getting lost on there for hours) and watching my guilty pleasures, The Bachelor and So You Think You Can Dance. 

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