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Being in the Moment

Choosing Joy, On My HeartAshtenComment

Yesterday was the best damn blog launch day a girl could have asked for. Thank you all for your comments, text messages, emails, social media shout-outs and most importantly YOUR SUPPORT of Just Go Left. Reading your words and feeling your love and support on a day I've been anticipating for so long gave me all the feels. 


Kyle and I celebrated my blog launch with a lunch date at Tacos and Tequilas (one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta). We treated ourselves to peach margaritas and the best damn lettuce wrapped fish tacos this side of the Mississippi. We toasted to new beginnings, to future successes and to choosing joy. As our glasses clinked and our focus turned to scarfing down our food I thought about change, and joy and all those things one thinks about when she launches her passion project and has a million ideas in her head of how to make it grow.

This blog is my love letter to living my best life. I have realized that bad days are always going to be looming on the horizon and there will always be something in my life that I want to fix. My life isn't perfect and my body isn't perfect, and there will be days when I struggle to love them both, but I'm not scared of the struggle anymore. Through struggle, I've found strength. Through struggle, I've found that living in the moment is where the joy comes from: it sneaks up on me when I think the day is done and there is no good to be found. I've learned to look for the joy in every moment; to hunt for it under rocks, to seek it out when anger seems easier and to make the most of it when it comes easy.

Yesterday, sitting in that booth, across from my love, with all of you behind me, I realized this is where I'm supposed to be. Right in that moment, filled with joy and gratitude. 

How are YOU choosing joy today??