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My New Favorite Coffee Creamer

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 **Update: it has been brought to my attention that because I used bourbon vanilla extract this recipe is not entirely Whole30 compliant. Damn it. But, I'm still using it because it tastes good, it's still easy to make and sometimes Whole30 has too many damn rules. I hope you enjoy it, if you are doing Whole30 or you're looking for a healthier coffee creamer alternative! **

I'm not a materialistic person. I would rather have people and memories over things.

That being said, if you take my coffee away from me, may God have mercy on your soul.

So here's the thing....

Amy of J.AMES Goods and I are doing Whole30 this month.


Because we're crazy. Or we just need to get ourselves back on track after a few months of indulging.

Also we're crazy. 

I can eat fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy fats like it's nobody's business but take away my sugar and we have problems. Especially when it comes to adding any kind of sweetener to my coffee.....I've tried to break free from this habit a few times with different coffee variations (see this post) but nothing has been to my liking.

Then, I tried drinking it black and though I have respect for people who can do this, it's not for me.

But friends, thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered my new favorite coffee creamer. And I may never go back. Like, I might make it before I travel and bring it with me, that's how much I love it.

I'm not usually one for recipes....I leave that to professional food bloggers (like my friend Christine at What Do You Crave) But, this recipe is super easy. I'm talking 4 ingredients easy. You guys, this creamer might be your new favorite thing ever. It's saving my Whole30 starving, coffee guzzling life. 

I've had a few people ask for the recipe, so here it is:

What I used:

  • Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
  • Dates
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract (make sure it doesn't have any added sugar in it!)

Here's what I did:

Step One

Pour 2 cups of almond milk into the blender of your choice.

(You guessed it, this one is going to be easy AF)

Step Two:

Pit 1-2 dates (depending on how sweet you want your creamer)

Add this to your almond milk

I used 2 dates because I like my coffee creamer on the sweet side.

Step Three:

Add 1 tsp of cinnamon.

Step Four:

Add 1-2 tsp vanilla extract (depending on how sweet you want your creamer)

I used 2 tsp. I tried 1 tsp and Kyle said it wasn't sweet enough, so two it is.

Step Five:

Blend it all together!

(Seriously, easiest recipe EVER.)

Tastes JUST like horchata and, though it isn't as sweet as regular coffee creamer, adds just enough to your coffee to make it tolerable as you go through Whole30 (or, if you want less calories in your morning cup of Joe)

I make this recipe twice and it makes enough to last Kyle and me for about a week. 

One note: shake before each use. It will start to separate, but don't freak out, it still tastes really good!

Let me know if you try it and what you think!