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I would like to thank Jen from The Happy, Healthy Balance and Paige from Healthy Hits the Spot for helping to inspire today's post! Yesterday, I took to the Just Go Left Facebook Page and asked for ideas of posts you'd like to see on the blog. This was their idea!

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When I was a little girl, my mother had my chart read by an astrologist who told her "your daughter will never know a foreign language and she will love words." 

I did not disappoint. 

I started talking around seven months and, according to Kyle, haven't shut up since. I started collecting quotes at a young age; filling scrapbooks and word documents with words that spoke to me. I used to spend hours highlighting my favorite quotes in books and looking up quotes on the family computer. I am a collector of words and inspirations. I like to surround myself with them: I hang them on my walls at home and in my office, they show up on my phone and on my computer backdrop, they are taped to my bathroom mirror. Previous blogs featured a "quote of the week" where I shared some words of wisdom that brought me inspiration throughout the week. 

Today, I'm dusting off some of my scrapbooks,combing through my Pinterest boards and sharing my daily inspirations with you; these quotes that have greatly impacted my life; they inspire and remind me of the kind of person I want to be. 


You'll find this quote prominently displayed on the "about me" section of this blog and referenced it in this post about vulnerability. I like to think of this quote as the overarching theme to Just Go Left: reminding me to dare greatly every day, to be in the arena, to be open to vulnerability and to thrive in the messes and chaos of life. It reminds me to practice empathy and patience and to battle right along side those I love. It might be my favorite quote of all time. 


As someone who battles depression and anxiety, I find comfort in this quote. In my darkest, most anxious moments I often remind myself to "turn on the light", to look for the joy and the happiness over the overwhelming darkness. I have always kept it close, ever since I read Harry Potter as an awkward middle school girl with braces. That Dumbledore was a wise wizard. 


Maya Angelou said this to Oprah, as she lamented about a man who wouldn't call her. It's stuck with me as a reminder to meet people where they are. We are always communicating, and because of that we should always be listening to others: what they say and do not say.....and then we should meet them right where they are, not impose our high level of expectations on them. I say this one to my friends ALL THE TIME (mostly in reference to dating). 


If ever there was a quote that sums up my sass, this is it. I've always believed in being kind, yet firm, in being respectful without being taken advantage of. I love how simple yet powerful this quote is, and a lot of the way I conduct myself in the workforce comes from these words. 


I like to think of this as the battle cry of Just Go Left; the reason this blog exists and the inspiration behind the way I've chosen to overcome some of the hardest experiences in my life. When Warner was at his worst, I clung to these words, I said them to myself over and over as I gave him his medicine and I reminded myself of them in the painful days following his death. This quote is everywhere in my house, and has become the mantra for how I live my life. 

....oh and one more.......

This one needs no explanation. 

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