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Let's Talk Bags (As in the Ones Under My Eyes)


What is it about these last few weeks that has everyone in an uproar!? Like, I think everyone is out to kill me with this end-of-year craziness. It's been deadlines, deadlines, deadlines; stress, stress, stress and team no-sleep since December 1st. My self-care seems to have fallen by the way-side, unless you count the Epsom Salt bath I crawl into at the end of the day. I mean, I guess that counts right?

You guys, I'm tired. I can't remember the last time I was this tired. I've cancelled plans with friends, skipped meals because I'm too busy to eat, collapsed into bed way past my bedtime with loads of work left undone. 

Pity party of one, me. I'm allowed, just this once, okay?

Today, while I catch up on a few things like, I dunno, LAUNDRY and pack for eight days in California for the holidays, I hope you will enjoy some of my favorite blog posts of the last few weeks. Say hello, make a new friend or two and spread some blog love on this Friday!

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And what kind of friend would I be if I didn't offer a gift before I go? Like a Christmas present for all of you for being so kind to me this week and supporting me as I joined Finally Free. 

Click on the Finally Free website and treat yo self to a:


 You're amazing. I will see you back here on Monday. I will be raving about the new Star Wars movie and talking about a special holi-date Kyle is taking me on this weekend. 


One more thing: