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Just Go Left Goes West: Purchasing for the Move

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I know many of you think the best moving advice is downsizing, and normally I would agree with you, especially if I was five boxes deep in packing because PACKING IS THE WORST. But, for our move to California we were in a unique position: Kyle and I had both lived with roommates for so long we didn't have many of our own things, and what we did have, was old AF. I'm talking "saw some gnarly shit in college" old.  Early in our planning discussions we agreed that with our new chapter would come new things; adult things like nice dishes and a king sized bed. (We slept together on a queen for a year and that was enough) I also wanted a spiralizer and a coffee grinder because that's what adults do.

I'm actually very proud of how we purchased for our move because not only did we store an entire one bedroom apartment in an attic for a year, but when we moved in to our apartment in California it was fully furnished.....like we only went to Target for trash bags, toilet paper and paper towels, not home goods. Here's how we did it:


Let's be real, when it came to Pinterest, Kyle was not participating so the burden fell on my shoulders. (as if I minded) I created boards for each room of our apartment (including the patio) and when I saw something I loved, I pinned it. I also created boards with DIY and moving tips to refer to during our planning process. This helped tremendously when it came to purchasing things for our home because I already had my aesthetic laid out and had a good idea of what I wanted to buy. (And now I have a board for our housewarming party.....no shame.)

Our advice: Be realistic with your pins. If you have a 700 square foot apartment don't pin things that would go in a 1,700 square foot house. You're only fooling yourself. 


The best thing Kyle and I did was print this checklist from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Every month we picked something we wanted to purchase, and once we bought it, we checked it off our list. Watching the boxes get checked off was such a rewarding feeling. Another thing we did was purchase (most of) our home items from our checking account, NOT our emergency/moving fund. This way, our savings kept growing, but so did our belongings. (We did pull from our savings for the big stuff.)

(I also may or may not have taken photos of everything we purchased to document what we had....cannot confirm nor deny.)

Our advice: You don't have to follow our plan, but having some kid of plan will help tremendously: mostly because it will help you feel accomplished and less stressed out about the things you need to buy. Also, try to avoid pulling money from your savings to purchase house items, unless that's what your savings is for.


Alas, Pinterest will only get you so far, so when Kyle and I were ready to purchase, we went to check things out in person. I know, what you're thinking "duh, Ashten", but there were a few things we thought we would like after researching online, but after checking them out in person we were like "no thank you". Kyle also wants me to make sure and tell you not to rush into anything because he feels like that was key in our purchasing plan. (I disagree, unless it comes to big purchases.)

Our advice: We spiced up this part by turning it into a date, which seemed to take the "adulthood" out of it and make it fun. And? Buying stuff together for our apartment was a total bonding experience. 


I'm a baller on a budget, so when it came to furnishing and decorating our home, I made our money stretch. I'm looking at you, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Ikea, Target and Wal Mart...yes Wal Mart. One of the items in our home that we get complimented on the most is from Wal Mart..I'm not kidding. Not only did I bargain shop, but I got a lot of our things on sale at said bargain stores and you can't even tell. Example: we got our silverware at Ikea of all places, on sale for $20 and it's the best silverware ever. I should also mention that I have now taken to explaining, in detail, how much each piece in our home cost and where it came from. I can't help it, I'm proud. Oh, and I got my spiralizer at TJ Maxx....$40 in case you were wondering.

Our advice: Bargain shop where you can but don't skimp on the important stuff.

That being said....


Kyle and I splurged on the following: couch, bed, mattress and dining room table....and even then we didn't spend that much money. We knew we were going to have these items for over 5 years (Kyle says 10) so we wanted them to: a) last and b) be something we would love long term. I mean really, when it comes to comfort, sometimes you just have to splurge. Ps, if you want a great custom dining room table, check out my friend Amy's blog. She and her fiance make amazing farm tables!(<--linked in this post)

Our advice: Know what you're willing to splurge on, and treat yo self. You deserve it.  

Coming next week: how we actually moved ourselves across the country! (as told by Kyle. Yes, The Ginger will be on the blog next week!)  

PS: if you have questions about anything I've covered so far, or have more personal questions about making a big move, you can email me here! I'm happy to help!

Oh and two more things:

1. Tomorrow I give my keynote speech! I'm excited, nervous, a little sick to my stomach and well, kind of ready? Please pray for me! It's a 15 minute speech, which is longer than I ever want to hear myself talk, ever. 

2. On Monday, May 16th I will be featured on one of my favorite podcasts, Couragemakers! Meg was such a joy to talk to and I'm so excited for the episode to air! Click here to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss it! I'm talking about Warner, choosing joy and blogging. It's my first podcast....and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.