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It Will Be Done (Or: Take 285 Next Time)

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Okay is it just me or did metro Atlanta totally get shafted in the Winter Storm Jonas department? Aside from the few flurries we got on Friday night the whole thing was a total let down.  

Kyle and I prepared for a complete Snowmageddon so when we woke up on Saturday to sunshine and temps in the 30s we spent a good 45 minutes staring at each other like:

“What do you want to do today?”

“I dunno what do you want to do today?”

A spur of the moment decision was made: let’s see a movie. There’s a theatre up the street from our house, we have gift cards left from our holiday haul and there’s so many Oscar nominated films we have yet to see. With plans made we bundled up, piled into the car and headed out for what we thought would be a lovely, spontaneous, non-snowy Saturday.

Side note: trying to get Kyle out of the house is like what I imagine it’s like trying to herd a group of asshole cats. I’m like “hey Kyle, we’re leaving in 20 minutes, okay?” and he’s like “screw your timeline”, and suddenly decides he has to watch an episode of Seinfeld, find the ONE jacket that’s hiding in the back of the closet, charge his phone and putter around the kitchen and then 45 minutes later he’s ready to leave. Drives me bonkers.

We rolled up to the theatre, and to our complete joy the parking lot was practically empty (unusual on a cold Atlanta day), so rather than purchasing our tickets ahead of time, Kyle let me browse the nearby shops for a while. Thirty minutes before our movie time, we strolled back to the theatre, up to the box office window where a giant sign was flashing:


The movie we wanted to see, completely sold out. The only movie that was sold out at the theatre, in fact.

We looked at each like, “what are the odds? But oh well, is there another movie we can see?”


We started looking at other theatres and discovered a theatre 10 minutes away was playing our original movie in 2 hours. Good enough. We piled back into the car, and started off towards our new destination.

As I pulled onto the freeway Kyle goes “hey babe? Where are you going?”

“The movie theatre, duh.”

“Yeah but you got on 75 South. Wouldn’t 285 have been faster?”

“No, I’m taking 75 South to 85 North to 400 North. That’s the best way to get there.”

“Babe, 285 would get us there in 10 minutes. The route you’re taking is going to take us 25 minutes.”

Side note #2: Kyle has lived in Atlanta for 10 months and already has a better sense of direction than me: someone who has lived in Atlanta for 5 ½ years.

Too far into our journey to turn back and get on the correct freeway, we stayed the course and 35 minutes later I realized I was still on 85. In all my genius, I missed 400 North and we were now 10 miles out of our way, after already driving 25 minutes out of our way.

Oh and by the way? My gas light had just come on.

If you know me well, and you do because we’re all friends here, you know this is the part in the story where I start freaking out because things have not gone according to my plan; or for those counting, my second plan. I hate when life gets like this: when things just go wrong despite how hard I try or how many backup plans I have.

Though we made our movie on time, with time to spare even, the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” always pops into my head during times like these. It’s just so frustrating when you think you have something all planned out and your plan just goes to shit because of things you can’t control…like freeways or movie theatre ticket sales or other people’s plans.

Last week, Kyle and I received some news that made us question “the plan”. It was news that set us back quite a bit from a goal we’ve been working towards for a few months, which left us both feeling disappointed and out of control. Literally one small thing, one insignificant detail put us on the wrong freeway of life, headed 35 minutes out of our way. It was so frustrating: like no matter how hard we tried, we were never going to get ahead…like our movie would always be sold out and we would be scrambling to find a plan “b”.

In moments like these I’m always reminded that things will work out, because they have to. Life, though hard and not always fair, always has a way of giving us what we need, when we need it. Though we’re frustrated and feel totally “sold out”, we are keeping faith that God’s will shall be done. What is meant to be, always find its way and we will be protected until it does. Movies may get sold out, my sense of direction might go to shit, but we will always end up getting where we need to go, even if it takes us a little bit longer to get there. It's funny, I've never been given anything right when I wanted it: I've always been someone who needs to learn the hard way: who needs to take a few wrong freeways and miss a few movies before I get it right. So, despite my frustrations I fill up my tank and I keep going, because I know eventually I will get exactly where I'm trying to end up.

PS? Don’t see The Revenant without taking a Xanex first.