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I Really Love the Internet (Another Post about Community)

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You can read my first post on this topic here.

I've never "met" some of my favorite people. They're scattered around the country and though I've never sat in a coffee shop with them and shared a latte and a life chat with them face to face, I know them better and talk to them more than some of the people I've known my entire life. Our friendships live in the windows of G-Chat boxes and Disqus comments but we share things only dear friend share. 

A few of us have been friends since the beginning. And by beginning I mean when we all started blogging or started getting serious about blogging. We've become each other's sounding boards for those posts we aren't sure about, encouragers when the writer's block hits, cheerleaders when the post goes live and people love it and the kind of friends who never discourage another cup of coffee. Yet, we've never been in the same room together, unless you count our marathon Google Hangouts. (which I would really love to start hosting again; WHO'S IN?!)

I don't love the Internet because of LEO memes and dog videos (although those things help pass the time and keep me entertained in airports) I love the Internet because of the people. The Internet has given me people who rallied around me when Warner passed away, who sent me flowers on my 30th birthday, who celebrated when I met Kyle and who encourage me to have another cup of coffee when the writer's block hits. These people, though I've never seen them face-to-face, are some of the best people I know.

Let's face it: even in a blogging world that's changing from lifestyle to business we don't really come here for the money or the fame. We come here for the people: for the friendships that live in GChat windows and the people that we touch with the words we can't say out loud. 

I met Rachel in September. She was giving a seminar about identifying/growing your personal and professional brand and she was wearing a fabulous necklace. I sat, captivated, furiously writing notes in complete awe of her. Rachel was incredibly knowledgeable but also engaging and personable; so much so that I felt completely comfortable approaching her after the seminar and asked her if we could chat about blogging and branding and life sometime. An Internet friendship blossomed and we quickly learned we had very similar stories: we bonded over our love of coffee, cute white dogs and pretty little things. We shared a vision for our lives and a mutual fascination with SnapChat (add me: ashtengoesleft). We spent the next few months bonding via email and social media. We cheered each other on as she launched a business and I grew this blog. And then in January I approached her and asked her to help me reach a few goals I have for Just Go Left and now? We're working together. And you guys? I couldn't be more excited about the magic we're about to create. There's so much excitement buzzing around here that I can hardly wait to tell you all about it......but we have to like, I dunno set goals and shit before I can do any of that.

Say hello to Rachel today. Or any Internet friend for that matter. Because that's why we're here and that's why the Internet is fun and full of joy.

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Rachel Camfield turned her passions for beautiful things, positive communication, and effective marketing into a career in the wholesale home décor & gift industry in 2011. Specializing in regional sales and media + PR, she honed her skills for branding and online marketing, business to business sales, and account management through countless road trips around the country, over 3,000 cold calls, and an unwavering vision for brand storytelling through social media channels and digital + print platforms. 

Her love for uplifting those around her including small businesses, brands, and aspiring entrepreneurs and helping to coach, craft, develop, and share their brands with the world sparked her to create her own company, Carriage House Collaborations & Coaching, a creative boutique coaching and branding studio. 

She resides in Richmond, Virginia with her golf-pro husband and toy poodle in their 1939 fixer-upper.

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