Just Go Left

I Believe....


I believe....

In coffee (frothy lattes, specifically) and breakfast burritos (bacon, egg and cheese to be exact. Preferably from Corrales in my hometown).

That cupcakes are basically little cakes filled with joy, and can make everything better.

In not making your body the enemy; in caring for it gently and consistently and learning to love it in any shape or size.

I believe....

In Netflix binges. 

In baths with candlelight and my Kindle. Uninterrupted.

In long walks to calm the mind and unwind before or after a long day.

I believe....

That your words should always be raw, real and relatable.

That you should answer honestly when someone asks "how are you?"

That life's struggles should make you braver, not bitter. 

I believe....

That when you're with the right person, love is easy....not in the sense that it takes zero work, because relationships are hard work...but that it's the easiest work you'll ever want to do.

In learning your partner's love language and accepting that the way they often show love the way they want to receive love.

That we date at the level of our self esteem.

I believe....

In phone calls over text messages and emails.

In nights in over nights out.

That when you love someone, you invest in their well being and you move with them as they change, not against them.

I believe....

That dogs, not diamonds are a girl's best friend.

That there is no better feeling in the world than when your dog climbs in bed with you, and falls asleep on your chest.

In being a "crazy dog lady". In fact, I also believe that being called a "crazy dog lady" is a compliment. 

I believe....

In being open to change, and embracing it when it arrives.

In being thankful always, even on the really bad days.

In fully grieving loss, however that looks like and feels like for you.

I believe....

That bloggers should lift each other up, not tear each other down.

In random acts of kindness.

In making someone's day better, even when your day totally sucks. 

What are some things you believe??