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I know we all want to hit the ground running when a new year comes (literally and figuratively). With a new year comes a new start; a clean slate and it often feels like I have to RUSH to start over once January 1 hits. I hope I'm not alone here.

This year seems particularly fresh and I find myself craving a new kind of start: one that is more balanced, more intentional and less cluttered. I know I've been saying this for the last two years, but for some reason this year my slate seems a little more clean and my heart feels a little more open. I kind of wanted to rush into it with open arms, make all the (good) things I've hoped this year would bring happen all at once. I admit, I plowed straight into the year with a zeal I haven't felt in three years. There's just so much I want to happen in 2016 I probably got a little ahead of myself.....

Last week I got a nasty cold that put me in bed for three days. Aside from watching almost every Netflix documentary a person can take in one sitting, I was reminded of my biggest intention for 2016: taking it slow and striving to be more balanced. I've always hit the ground running, always pushed myself too hard and burned out quickly as a result. This year, I'm trying a new tactic: the art of balance. (and documentary watching....I'm kind of an expert now.) There was a lot to be done but I rested, I made myself disconnect. I pumped myself full of all the citrus in Florida and I snuggled Gatsby. And you know? The world kept on spinning. It was freeing. 

I'm grateful for this not-so-subtle reminder that it's important to slow down. I've already taken on a lot this year and if I've learned anything from new year's past it's this: I am no good to anyone unless I'm good to myself and those I love. Here's to making more of that happen in 2016.

And before we adjourn, a little blog love:

  • My dear friend Paige launched the new Healthy Hits the Spot today. She works so hard and I'm so proud of her.
  • Congrats to Samantha and Nicole who launched their passion project, The Pursuit of Balance, on Saturday. Say hello and welcome them to the blog world! Congrats ladies!
  • Natalie and her husband Loren have worked and prayed for a baby to adopt and last week they were matched with baby Sage. They are fundraising to bring him home. If you can support them, please click here. They are so deserving of this, you guys.
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