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Be Gentle With Yourself

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Sunglasses via Sheep Shades. Best sunglasses EVER!

Sunglasses via Sheep Shades. Best sunglasses EVER!

On Tuesday I literally couldn't even.

Maybe it was the horrendous Whole30 sugar detox or maybe it was my body telling me it needed a break, but my stomach was upset, my head felt like a ton of bricks and all I wanted was a nap. (And some carbs)

 Basically I felt hungover, but I didn't drink. (Another downfall of Whole30, no booze) 

I was halfway to work when I had to pull over for fear I was going to throw up. My head was swirling and I couldn't hold on to a single thought. Normally I would have powered through: meetings couldn't be missed, work had to be done, my presence in the office needed to be documented, etc but something was off that day. I gave in. I called my boss, turned around and went home. I spent the day relaxing on the couch, catching up on my personal life (and by personal life I mean my DVR) and allowed myself to just be.

This, surprisingly, is not like me. I'm the girl who never misses a day of work, who feels guilty for calling in sick and who stays late if she has to (even if she doesn't want to). I will power through illness and exhaustion if it means getting the job done.

But yesterday? I chose to listen to my body, and my body needed rest. 

Usually I would have spent the day near a computer and my emails. I would have obsessively checked my phone and made sure there were no fires needing to be put out. I would have made sure people at the office knew I was working and my presence was still felt, even if it wasn't physically accounted for. I'm a work-hard, work-harder kind of girl. There is always something to be done, always another email to answer. I'm always running, always wishing for more hours in the day to get stuff done.

But yesterday? I chose to listen to my body, and my body needed rest.

I'm not gonna lie: completely separating myself and allowing my body to take the break it was clearly asking for was freeing. There were no annoying email sounds blowing up my phone, no frantic phone calls begging me to put out fires: everything went on without me, and I didn't mind it one bit. 

I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling a million times better; more equipped to face the day ahead. I was more productive at work and even had the energy to take Gatsby on a second walk when I got home. The swirling head was gone, the nausea subsided. I felt rejuvenated. 

I'm starting to learn a valuable lesson about self-care: I actually have to take care of myself. Self-care means I check in with myself, with the frequency and urgency I check in with my emails. It means I not only schedule meetings, I schedule time for myself. In life, there is always a give and take: when I focus all of my time on one thing, I can take the focus off other things, which have equal importance to my well-being. I'm finding that my body is starting to get fed up with the way I've been treating it lately, and is starting to rebel against me, like some feisty teenager (now if only I had the metabolism of a feisty teenager). So now, I get the fun task of finding balance between a successful (albeit stressful) career and listening to/taking care of my body. I highly recommend taking a mental health day to figure out how to accomplish that.

Ugh it's all so complicated. I need a cupcake. 

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