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10 Ways I'm April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation


In case you didn't know: April Ludgate is my spirit animal. She covers her loving soul with a sarcastic and frosty exterior that I relate to ALL TOO WELL. 

Today I'm sharing 10 ways you will find April Ludgate in my everyday life. And if you don't watch "Parks and Recreation" I urge you to start ASAP. 

10 Ways I'm April Ludgate

ONE: I'm so sarcastic people can never tell when I'm joking.

I'll set the scene: I'm sitting with a group of people who are making conversation. I think I have a great one-liner or witty comeback to add to the conversation. I say it, then prepare to drop the mic and walk away. Yet, no one is laughing: some look confused and some look offended. Why? Because they couldn't tell if I was serious or joking. I mean, mostly I'm joking...except when I'm not. 

TWO: I do not like physical touch.

Ever taken the 5 Love Languages test? Kyle and I took it when we started dating and guess what? I scored a 0 in physical touch. As in don't effing touch me. 

THREE: I really love animals.

I'm the girl in the corner of a party petting the dog while everyone else is socializing and all that nonsense. I won't cuddle people but I will cuddle the shit outta some animals!

FOUR: I'm not very good at showing emotion.

You know that face April makes when she's feeling all vulnerable and emotional? Yeah, samesies. 

FIVE: I might be a wizard.

I would tell you more but I'm not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts.

SIX: Adulthood still confuses me.

 Like April, I have stolen flatware from a restaurant before because we had no clean dishes in my dorm.  In other words, I'm technically an adult but I still feel like I'm 18 and just figured out I can excuse my own absences at school.

SEVEN: I am VERY competitive.


You DO NOT want to find yourself on the opposing team when it comes to the following things: beer pong, most sporting events, Mario Kart and Cards Against Humanity. Seriously, I become the kind of animal you do NOT want to cuddle with.

EIGHT:  I'm fiercely loyal and protective.

One of my favorite things about April is how fiercely loyal and protective she is of the people she loves. Don't mistake her "I don't care about you" demeanor fool you: April has your back if she loves you. I'm very much the same.

NINE: I can be incredibly lazy.

Staying home, wearing PJs all day, watching Cops and eating pumpkin ice cream from Trader Joes FOR THE WIN. 

TEN:  I'm dating Andy Dwyer. 

If someone were to ask me to describe my relationship with Kyle I would say "April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation". And this picture? Would be exhibit A. 

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