Just Go Left



Thank you for your interest in Just Go Left! This blog started in August 2015 and has quickly become my favorite place to hang out. I've compiled a little list of answers to a few of my most asked questions!

How do you take your coffee?

Seriously. Very seriously. 

I usually make my coffee at home with almond milk and agave to sweeten. My favorite kind of coffee is Kona Blend. You can get it at Trader Joe's, which is where I do all my grocery shopping, in case you were wondering. 

If I'm feeling fancy, I treat myself to a Starbucks where I have a grande, almond milk flat-white. 

Wait, didn't you used to live in Atlanta?

Yes, I did.....for 6 years to be exact. I graduated college in 2009 (aka during The Recession) and finding a job was tough. I accepted a job with a very good company, which was a real life-saver, and moved to Atlanta in April 2010. Kyle joined me in 2015. In April of 2016 we moved back to my hometown of Ventura, California, which has been one of the best decisions we've ever made. Read more about our move here.

  Here's a post that summed up my feelings about living in ATL.

What platform do you host your blog on?

I've used Blogger and Wordpress for previous blogs but for Just Go Left use Squarespace. I absolutely LOVE it and may never use anything else ever again.

I want to work with you, how do I do that?

I'm flattered that you want to work with me! Just Go Left is a lifestyle blog that aims to make the reader feel like they're sitting at a coffee shop with an old friend, having a conversation about life, love and mess. I'm passionate about blogging, relationships, dog/animals and living a healthy/balanced life.

I'm open to collaborations, product reviews, guest posts and reviews of any local businesses that may fall into these categories. Please know that I only review products that fit with the brand and mission of Just Go Left.

If you feel like we might be a good fit, please email me at hijustgoleft@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

I want to start a blog! Do you have any advice?

Content is king. Write well, and write often. Engage with your readers/other bloggers on your blog and social media. Most importantly: be yourself; it's okay to be vulnerable.

Obviously I have A LOT more advice than that, so if you want some more personalized advice or want to know more about blogging in general, you can email me. I am happy to answer any/all of your questions!

Who takes pictures for your blog and who makes those videos of your trips?

Most of my photos are taken by me, or by my boyfriend Kyle. Speaking of Kyle, he takes and edits all the videos that appear on the blog. And yes, he's available for weddings (haha!). You can see his work here and here and his professional Vimeo page here.

Who does your hair? <---yes I get asked this a lot.

I let no one but Kari at Beyond the Fringe Salon touch my hair. She's the sister of one of my best friends and she's amazing.  If you go see her, tell her I sent you!

What breed is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a Lab/Great Pyrenees Mix. You can read all about him here

What do you do for a living?

In addition to running this blog, I have a full time job at a top company in Santa Barbara County. But, I do not share information about my job on this blog. I live by Blogging Rule 101: never blog about your job! (Unless blogging is your job, then you're really lucky and I'm jealous.)

Does Kyle care that you talk about him on Just Go Left?

Nope! When we had our "relationship talk" we also had the "does this mean I can write about you on my blog" talk. Just kidding. But really, I did ask Kyle's permission before I started writing about him/us, and not only is he okay with it, I think he secretly enjoys it. What he does not enjoy? When I catch him on Snapchat. He hates Snapchat. (my username is: ashtengoesleft) 

Yes he also reads the blog and so does his mother, which I found out at the family Christmas dinner in 2015. (eek.)

Got a question not answered here? Email me here